My Maternal Family

Grand Father:
Abdur Rahman Khan
Former Assistant Secretary
Medical Department,
Government of East Pakistan
Married to Jamila Khatun in 1921

Grand Mother:
Jamila Khatun
Died on: April 27, 1979

Maternal Uncle:

Aminur Rahman Khan,
Former Chief Engineer, WAPDA
Born: June 12, 1926
Died on: September 29, 2009
Married to Jahanara Begum
After her sad demise married to Mrs. Nazmi Ara Khan

Maternal Uncle:

Anisur Rahman Khan (Emran),
Former Assistant General Manager,
Agrani Bank Limited, Retired on December, 1999
Born: June 24, 1941
Died on: October 7, 2005
Married to Syeda Sakeba Rahman on May 2, 1969

Maternal Auntie:

Nazma Rahman Ruby
Born: 1937
Died on: 1970
Married to Dr. Lt. Col. (Retd) Hamidur Rahman

Maternal Cousins:

Shayla Rahman (Papri)
Married to Md. Shafiqur Rahman
Blessed with
Shaon and Shantonu

Jamilur Rahman Khan (Zuberi)
Married to Shahana Khan
Blessed with
Abid Ur Rahman Khan
Mahzabin J. Khan (Doran)

Dr. Farjana Hamid (Swapna)
Married to Dr. Zafrul Islam
Blessed with
Tabassum Mahjabin (Shejuti)

Dr. Fawzia Hamid (Mita)
Married to Dr. Shah Newaz Nazimuddin Ahmed
Blessed with
Tamanna Tasnim
Adnan Abedeen
Nayeema Nahreen

Tahsina Hamid (Swati)
Married to Engr. Md. Azizul Hoque
Blessed with
Zereen Shahab
Tahmidul Hoque

Dr. Mashiur Rahman (Muneer)
Married to Shahana Ferdous
Blessed with
Khalid Ibn Muneer (Ruhan)
Shaama Ferdous

Asif Ur Rahman Khan (Pial)
Married to Syeda Mahfuza Sharmin Bony
Blessed with
Tahmid Ur Rahman Khan Shadab

Jobaidur Rahman Khan (Tanuz)
Married to Morsheda Ahmed (Nitu)

Blessed with
Malihur Rahman Khan
Mahtabur Rahman Khan


Sayka Amin (Malabi)
Married to Dr. Fazal Reza
Blessed with

Sakib Rahman Khan
Married to Samina Hussain Prema
Blessed with
Rai Khan

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